The Florida West Coast Bromeliad Society (FWCBS) is a group of individuals who share an enthusiasm for bromeliads. Established in 1954, it is the oldest bromeliad society in Florida and one of the oldest bromeliad societies in the world. We are a member of the Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies and an affiliate of the Bromeliad Society International.

The FWCBS is dedicated to providing continuing education to its membership on the subject of bromeliads by way of monthly meetings, seminars and conferences, and a monthly newsletter. The group promotes and encourages appreciation and understanding of the culture of the bromeliad. There is diversity and complexity among plants in the Bromeliad family and their natural habitats vary widely. With rare exception, bromeliads are a New World plant.

The FWCBS meets at 7:30 p.m. on the first Tuesday evening of each month at Good Samaritan Church , 6085 Park Blvd. in Pinellas Park. The general membership includes individuals from throughout the western central portion of the state and is represented by a variety of ages and degree of interest and experience with plants. Individual experience within the group ranges from homegrown hobbyist to commercial grower.