Michaels Bromeliads was established in 1988 as a mail order nursery and remains a family operation dedicated to providing quality bromeliads to collectors and enthusiasts world wide. Our collection has grown to include over 2000 varieties of bromeliads from over 40 genera. Our online store features many popular and easy to grow varieties and is updated continually.

Jungle Gems is a backyard nursery run by father and son. Bernie and Marty Baxley keep a collection of over 1500 species and hybrids. Our collection began in 1987 and changes daily. We cater to the collector so please Contact us with your needs.

This is always a fun event. Growers bring in their carefully tended babies and you get to bid on them.

Whether youre a bromeliad connoisseur or an enthusiast just getting started, there will be a plant that just shouts, Take me home!

Contact us for time and place.