Why Should Small Businesses Have A Digital Consultant?

The business world is no longer local. Gone are the days when the only customer base a small business had to concentrate on working with was in their backyard. Today’s small businesses are aiming to reach customers on a global level, and this is occurring at a very fast pace. This is one reason why small business owners should consider hiring a consultant for internet marketing services and also learn what a Digital Consultant is.

It is important to know that a Digital Consultant should not be hired to consult your business in the traditional methods. Instead, this type of consultant will help small businesses understand the ‘how’ and ‘where’ the business should go globally.

This digital space refers to anything your company does online and your company’s online real estate (website). This can also include:

Social media networks
Mobile apps
E commerce websites

There are several reasons why you should consider hiring a Digital Consultant.

Digital Consultants Know The Trends

It seems that almost every week there is some new technology or social network that has been invented. Business owners must ask themselves if the new website or technology would be beneficial to their business. Unfortunately, the answer will depend on the business.

For example, Facebook may not benefit every business, and some companies, like Taco Bell, choose to be on Snapchat. Know that the online landscape is constantly changing, and it would benefit small businesses if they had a professional Digital Consultant who is aware of these changes. Let your focus stay on your business and hire a consultant who can focus on these changes.

A Digital Consultant Can Initiate Strategies

How big is your team? Even if you have a fairly large staff handling your digital marketing, you may have hired them to only execute plans. This means that they do not write strategies. It is important to have a strategy in place that will help you understand the right mix of platforms and technologies you can use in your business.

A strategy will also let you when you should post on your company’s social networks to get the most effectiveness, as well as what your next move should be. Although your digital team may be an expert at customer engagement and content production, you need to hire a Digital Consultant to help with strategy.

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Hiring A Digital Consultant Is Affordable

As a small business owner, you are probably careful with how you spend your company’s money. For example, think how much money you would spend to hire an SEO expert, web designer, videographer, social media manager and advertising manager in-house to manage y

our company’s multiple digital landscapes.

You would have to invest in human resources to hire and train each professional. This could end up costing your business hundreds of thousands of dollars. Would you not rather hire an off-site digital consulting agency that could decrease or increase de

pending on your needs? You would end up paying a lot less money for the same level of work. One thing is for sure.

You will have more talent if you choose to hire an off-site digital consulting agency.

Your Company’s Website Will Always Stay Updated

One of the main duties of a consultant that handles digital marketing is to make sure that your website looks great and is functioning properly at all times. Customers can visit your site at any time, and there is always a new normal that all websites are expected to meet.

You want to make sure that the overall look of your website accurately represents your brand, tells the company’s story and represents your business.

As the world continues to become digital, you will need to hire a Digital Consultant if you want your business to stay competitive. Find one you can trust that will help your business successful online.


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Learn About Activities And Nearby Schools At Eagle Creek in Naples

Naples is a highly liked city in Florida to live in. Anyone thinking of moving there will be glad that they did. One of the nice areas in Naples is Eagle Creek. If you’re thinking of moving to Eagle Creek, then you may be interested in what types of activities in Eagle Creek Naples are available and what the schools are like.

Convenient Location

The homes that are available in Eagle Creek make it a fabulous place that’s accessible and very convenient. Those who live here can easily access Marco Island and all of Naples. This community was founded back in 1984 and is exclusively filled with residential homes. Those living in the community have access to Eagle Creek Golf and Country Club along with the bike paths, jogging trails, and the lakes that are included there.

This is an area where families who live there can enjoy year round temperatures that are sub-tropical and the nights are warm and the days are full of sunshine. The wind blows gently of the Gulf Coast, and it’s not far to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world that include white sandy beaches and a turquoise blue sea. Marco Island is very close and is known for its strong and closely-knit community along with its incredible sunsets. The downtown area has a local park, a historic area, as well as shopping and restaurants.


Any family that’s moving to the area will want to know about the schools that are available. Many of the communities in Naples including Eagle Creek are highly sought-after, and for this reason, they enjoy a great school system. Whether you are looking for a quality public school or an exclusive private school, you’ll be able to find them in this area. Some examples of area schools are the Manatee Elementary and Middle School along with Lely Elementary and high school.

The schools are highly focused on providing strong academic skills as well as having a substantial athletic program. Classrooms are smaller than in other schools, and test scores are above average. For those looking to put their children into a Christian School, there is the Naples Christian Academy which is an excellent private school in the area.

Art And Culture

In the area are a lot of activities for those interested in art and culture. Things such as the Baker Museum which is part of the Art is campus which is three stories high and contains 30,000 square feet that have an incredible collection of art that is there for public viewing. This area features contemporary and modern art, and they have a selection that is there all the time as well as a selection of outside art that is on display at certain times of the year.

There is an art gift shop along with tours of the studio, and for those that are interested, they have educational programs that are available. Anyone who’s interested in rare attractions will find that this is a fantastic place to enjoy and a chance to get out of the afternoon heat. The performing arts hall is also nearby and you can even find musicals and symphonies along with the Opera and Ballet. The venue is located at Florida Southwestern State College, and anyone who is there attending the event can take advantage of free parking. You won’t need to worry about missing anything because each hall is fitted with a plasma TV that shows the performance allowing you to see it up close and personal and preventing you from missing anything.

Great Restaurants And Great Shopping

Among many of the choices you will have in this area, are the restaurants located on Marco Island. Along with the great selection of restaurants, you will also find a Marina and many shops that you will enjoy shopping in. This Village is made in an Italian style and offers dining options on the waterfront in luxury and includes wine that is perfectly paired with incredibly fresh seafood that tastes heavenly.

You can take advantage of covered parking and enjoy the Waterfront Courtyard and other features around the property. You can make it a full night by enjoying your favorite coffee after dinner at one of the coffee shops nearby and even treat yourself to incredible ice cream at the ice cream shop.

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From Spanish Moss to Pineapple, Bromeliads are Beautiful!

The Florida West Coast Bromeliad Society (FWCBS) is a group of individuals who share an enthusiasm for bromeliads. Established in 1954, it is the oldest bromeliad society in Florida and one of the oldest bromeliad societies in the world. We are a member of the Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies and an affiliate of the Bromeliad Society International.

The FWCBS is dedicated to providing continuing education to its membership on the subject of bromeliads by way of monthly meetings, seminars and conferences, and a monthly newsletter. The group promotes and encourages appreciation and understanding of the culture of the bromeliad. There is diversity and complexity among plants in the Bromeliad family and their natural habitats vary widely. With rare exception, bromeliads are a New World plant.

The FWCBS meets at 7:30 p.m. on the first Tuesday evening of each month at Good Samaritan Church , 6085 Park Blvd. in Pinellas Park. The general membership includes individuals from throughout the western central portion of the state and is represented by a variety of ages and degree of interest and experience with plants. Individual experience within the group ranges from homegrown hobbyist to commercial grower.

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